Vibrant Healthy Woman Wellness Club

Want monthly support with Dr. Erin Foley so she can help you along your journey to better wellness?

Do you feel like you need not only Dr. Erin, but a group of other women that are going through the same changes as you so you don’t feel alone?

Want to have access to Dr. Erin for questions and challenges that come up while you’re trying to navigate your health, hormones and eating habits changes?

You can have all of this and more when you enroll in the Vibrant Healthy Woman Wellness Club! The VHW Wellness Club is a month-to-month membership for Dr. Erin Foley’s current clients or for women considering hiring Dr. Erin to help them with their hormones and health.

This is also for you if you know you need some help, and want access to support and great information on health and hormones to get you started where you are!

What can be discussed on these twice monthly group calls:

  • What to eat for your hormones
  • How to develop an eating plan that works for you (that ISN’T a diet!)
  • How to balance your blood sugar
  • How to stop cravings and stress eating
  • What happens during peri-menopause and menopause
  • How to break the cycle of stress, and how to balance your stress hormones (adrenals and cortisol)
  • How to sleep better and more soundly
  • What you need to know about your thyroid
  • How to have consistent and sustained energy throughout day
  • What foods you need to be eating and what foods to avoid to have healthy hormones
  • How to have a better sex life
  • Keeping a consistent positive mindset
  • What supplements to take
  • How to create your natural health toolbox
  • What intermittent fasting is all about and if or how it can help you
  • How to stop wasting money with the wrong diets, supplements, and products that you may or may not need
  • What you need to know about self care (customized to YOU)
  • How to get support at home and by loved ones to stay on a healthy track
  • Meal planning for the family whether they decide to do what you’re doing or not
  • Easy recipe ideas depending on your cooking skill level
  • How to have conversations with loved ones to ensure their support
  • How to set boundaries to ensure you stay motivated
  • How to make YOU a priority
  • How to set up rewards for your progress
  • Finding an accountability buddy
  • Getting inspiration to continue doing what you need to do for your health

What’s Included in the VHW Wellness Club:

  • Twice monthly calls are being held on the:
    • 2nd and 4th Monday of every month at 4 pm MT/ 6pm ET
  • Recordings of all calls are included and are available inside the group Facebook group.
  • The Facebook group is also a place where you can interact with members and Dr. Erin for sharing successes, challenges and questions.

Your Investment:

Your VHW Wellness Club is $57/month right now and subject to increase. Join now and lock in at this rate!

You can either make monthly payments of $57/month OR pay for a year in full now for $570 and save $114 (get 2 months free)!


Your wellness isn’t a short term problem, it’s a long term focus.

Your hormones change over time and you have to keep tweaking what you’re doing based on regular testing and feedback.

Habit changes take time, you don’t just change your whole lifestyle in a month… it’s a process and some people take longer than others, it’s a journey, not a destination!

VHW Wellness Club

Pay in Full $570

VHW Wellness Club


Dr. Erin Foley

Dr. Erin Foley is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Chiropractor, and Certified Health and Wellness Coach with Vibrant Healthy Woman Programs, as well as a speaker and author. She helps women balance their hormones naturally, helping with energy, sleep, weight, metabolism, mood, mental clarity, gut, digestion, hormones, hot flashes, PMS, and helping you create vibrant health. She works with women with hormone testing programs, nutritional consulting, private one-on-one and group coaching programs, online courses, and natural solutions for gut health and mental wellness.