I'm Dr. Erin Foley, I'm a Functional Medicine Practitioner and Chiropractor and creator of Vibrant Healthy Woman Programs. I'm also a speaker, author and coach.

I help women from their 30’s to 70’s balance their hormones naturally, helping you with energy, sleep, weight, metabolism, mood and mental clarity, gut and digestion, hormones, hot flashes, PMS, and helping you create vibrant health. I work with women with hormone testing programs, online group coaching, one on one private health coaching programs, online courses, and natural product solutions for gut health and mental wellness.

I have had the privilege of being in private chiropractic practice for 34 years, including 20 years Board Certified in Acupuncture, and now I exclusively work with women with in my Functional Medicine and Health and Wellness Coaching practice, in person and virtual.



Hormones are not just about hot flashes and PMS!

You have other hormones:

  • Adrenals and cortisol are your stress handling hormones
  • Blood sugar and insulin hormones, which are your fat storing hormones
  • Thyroid hormone is your metabolism hormone
  • Plus, these are your energy hormones!

Hormones are chemical reactions in the body, and, if they are out of balance this can affect your

  • Energy, sleep, mood, weight, metabolism, ability to handle stress, and much more!

That's why women work with me to naturally balance their hormones and health.

Your health is your wealth.
It's how you show up in your life.

Are you tired, exhausted, not sleeping, gaining weight, feeling irritable or low mood, feeling hormonal, having hot flashes or PMS, too tired to have fun? This is no way to go through life!

It makes it hard, to be in your relationships, with family, and friends, when you just want to feel better, and that never comes.....
To do your job, your business, your finances.

I help women with my Vibrant Healthy Woman 1:1 programs where I test your hormones.


Once we know exactly what your hormones are doing, then I can customize a program for you with nutrition, supplements, lifestyle, exercise and mindset.

Just for YOU, and YOUR body.
No more "Doing it Yourself", no more guessing.
This is powerful and important for you to know.

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What women say about working with Dr. Erin…

Katie, 46

Thank you for getting me started on a path that I couldn’t do myself. I appreciate what you put into helping me learn, a whole body approach, and what I was waiting for.  I have lost 9 pounds in a month, my energy is 50% better and I don’t have the afternoon energy slump anymore!

Sarah, Nurse, 37

I tried for months to convince my primary care physician and my gynecologist that my hormones were out of whack and causing my symptoms. Within one week of starting Dr. Foley's program the symptoms were nearly resolved. I didn't realize how bad I had been feeling until I felt so good!

Julie S. CEO, 54

Working with Dr. Erin provided me a clear path forward to restoring optimum health. Prior to working with Dr. Erin, I was doing "guess work" by trying to identifying what was happening with my body (hot flashes, feelings of anxiety and frustration) and why my energy was low. I was confused with all the information I found on the internet and the variety of supplements and solutions offered to remedy my situation.

Dr. Erin cut through the noise with the tests and the consultations providing me with trusted guidance as to what to expect as my body transitions during this stage of my life, as well as, a reasonable plan that fits in my lifestyle to achieve the results that I wanted. Over the course of the few months that I've worked with Dr. Erin, I have seen steady, ongoing improvements. Most of all, I love that I have a trusted partner in Dr. Erin to help me move forward as I age in life to help me be my physical best. Julie S., 54

Kim, Consultant, 40

I have really loved using all of the info you shared in your recent program. It made a HUGE difference in my day-to-day life. It gave me exactly the push that I needed to start making some changes, and I've lost almost 30 pounds!!! Today I finally hit a healthy BMI. I'm also sleeping better and have more focus. I can attribute it to your great tips on hormone balancing/nutrition, and fitting more movement into my weeks. So, THANK YOU for being the motivation that I really needed to get me out of my slump! Kim, 40  

Eve, 65

Since starting this program my energy is 80% better, I have lost 5 pounds in a month, my sleep is better and I wake up refreshed. My stress is coming down and my mood is much brighter, and I have been able to start exercising again.

C. S., 44

My time with Dr. Erin was very beneficial.  My body is more aware and balanced, the afternoon slumps are gone, and my hormones are happier.  Thank you for your support in this body journey!  

I'm happy to chat with you, to help you feel your best, and I offer a complimentary Health and Hormone Discovery call