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“The Magic of Healthy Movement”

Why your Hormones Need it, and it’s Easier than you Think!

with Dr. Erin Foley, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Health Coach and Chiropractor
Guest Expert Chris Dyer,  Life and Leadership Coach, Fitness Trainer
January 19th at 4pm MT/ 6pm ET/ 3pm PT
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Dr. Erin Foley is a Functional Medicine Practitioner, National Board Certified Health Coach and Chiropractor with Vibrant Healthy Woman Programs. She helps women balance their hormones naturally, helping with energy, sleep, weight, metabolism, mood, mental clarity, gut, digestion, hormones, hot flashes, PMS, and helping you create vibrant health.

She works with women with hormone testing, nutrition and supplement programs, online private and group health coaching programs,  and natural solutions for gut health and mental wellness.

She works with nutritional consulting and customized supplement programs, and helps women to make lifestyle changes that can bring lasting and positive change.

She is also a speaker and international best selling author.

Chris Dyer is an Intuitive Breakthrough Coach for Entrepreneurs offering a unique experience of training and self-healing modalities to create lasting impact and results for her clients.  She is Certified Health, Life & Leadership Coach and Personal Trainer with over 30+years of experience with clinical education, leadership, sales and marketing, and entrepreneurship.  She is a National Best Selling Author, and International Speaker and Legacy Creator in her other business endeavors.
Her Science of Success Series and programs teach her clients how to quickly identify the root cause of blockages and are shown actionable steps to align their energy and habits to create sustainable momentum and growth.  These processes allow them to release past traumas and self-sabotaging behaviors to create room for clarity, courage and confidence so they more powerfully own their successes, expanded possibilities, and have more zest and fulfillment in their lives, relationships, and businesses.  She offers many ways for entrepreneurs to work together with her, either through group facilitations and one-to one focused time. 
Her expansive question is ‘how far do you want to go….and how fast’?