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This is a joint Call with myself, Dr. Erin Foley and my Guest Expert, Wendy Taddeucci

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Dr. Erin Foley is a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Chiropractor, and Health and Wellness Coach and the creator of Vibrant Healthy Woman Programs. 

She helps women balance their hormones naturally, helping with energy, sleep, weight, metabolism, mood, mental clarity, gut, digestion, hormones, hot flashes, PMS, and helping you create vibrant health. She works with women with hormone testing programs, online private and group coaching programs, online courses, and natural solutions for gut health and mental wellness.

She works with nutritional consulting and customized supplement programs, and helps women to make lifestyle changes that can bring lasting and positive change.

She is a an author and speaker, speaking regularly to women’s groups online and in person.

Wendy Taddeucci is a lifestyle coach for caregivers who’s exhaustion, worry and walking on eggshells is making them crabby toward their spouses, are taking on more tasks & responsibility and their anger is keeping them in a negative place.

Wendy knows the detriment to caregivers of not taking care of themselves, unfortunately, through her father’s experience of taking care of his mother to the extent that he ignored symptoms he was experiencing and not going to the doctor until it was too late.

Wendy also experienced looking through the lens of caregiving through her mother caring for her in laws, husband, parents and finally caring for Wendy’s step-father.

Wendy has been care-deciding (and at times caregiving) for her 86 year old mother over the past 9 years.

Through her coaching, Wendy works with caregivers just like you who want their relationship with their spouse to be more of what it was, to have more energy to focus on their own physical health and not to have to be on top of everything.

Certificate in Life & ADHD Coaching from Coach Approach for Organizers. Wendy is also a former Certified Professional Organizer.

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