What my Vibrant Healthy Woman Program Clients and Patients say……(with permission)

Katie, 46  Thank you for getting me started on a path that I couldn’t do myself. I appreciate what you put into helping me learn, a whole body approach, and what I was waiting for. I have lost 9 pounds in a month, my energy is 50% better and I don’t have the afternoon energy slump anymore!

Sarah,  37  I tried for months to convince my primary care physician and my gynecologist that my hormones were out of whack and causing my symptoms. Within one week of starting Dr. Foley’s program the symptoms were nearly resolved. I didn’t realize how bad I had been feeling until I felt so good!

Barb, 59  I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found Dr. Erin. Since we started working together I have lost 50 pounds!!! My energy is great, I can exercise again, and I’m  not hungry all the time. THANK YOU! 

Kim,  40  I have really loved using all of the info you shared in your recent program. It made a HUGE difference in my day-to-day life. It gave me exactly the push that I needed to start making some changes, and I’ve lost almost 30 pounds!!! Today I finally hit a healthy BMI. I’m also sleeping better and have more focus. I can attribute it to your great tips on hormone balancing/nutrition, and fitting more movement into my weeks. So, THANK YOU for being the motivation that I really needed to get me out of my slump! (Kim has continued to lose weight and is down a total of 50 pounds)


Jenny, 44  It has been so empowering to work with Dr. Erin. I love that I can correct most of the imbalances I was feeling with food and some supplements. I am definitely finding “me” again! I have the energy to exercise, make healthy goals, and feel good! I am not perfect but I do have tools to get back on track when I do fall off. And I know Dr. Erin is just a call away if I have questions about next steps.


Erin, age 43 (started at 41) I entered the program with Dr. Erin feeling absolutely drained. Something had to change. The testing and coaching sessions gave me a lot of insight and education about my body and how I react to stress, food choices, and the changes I needed to make. Within six months I noticed significant improvements in my energy and especially my mood, lost my pandemic weight gain, and felt better overall than I have in years. The program has also inspired me to continue to educate myself about women’s hormones and nutrition and feel more in control and educated about the changes in my body as I enter Peri-menopause.


Erin, 36  Dr. Foley is engaged, knowledgeable and informative – she didn’t just give me a plan and make suggestions, she really took the time to understand my goals and lifestyle, and then explain why her recommended changes were important for achieving my goals. She doesn’t just tell you what to do – she tells you why she is suggesting that, and takes time to understand any concerns you might have about implementing or maintaining those changes. After working with her for a few months, I was able to implement changes that resulted in me feeling stronger, having more energy and losing weight!


Julie, 54  Working with Dr. Erin provided me with a clear path forward to restoring optimum health. Prior to working with Dr. Erin, I was doing “guess work” by trying to identify what was happening with my body (hot flashes, feelings of anxiety and frustration) and why my energy was low. I was confused with all the information I found on the internet and the variety of supplements and solutions offered to remedy my situation. Dr. Erin cut through the noise with the tests and the consultations providing me with trusted guidance as to what to expect as my body transitions during this stage of my life, as well as, a reasonable plan that fits in my lifestyle to achieve the results that I wanted. Over the course of the few months that I’ve worked with Dr. Erin, I have seen steady, ongoing improvements. Most of all, I love that I have a trusted partner in Dr. Erin to help me move forward as I age in life to help me be my physical best.


Andrea, 39  I initially went to Dr. Foley because I promised myself when I turned 40 that I would find a functional medicine doctor to work with to regulate hormonal functions before they even started to get off balance! After such a thorough intake I knew I was in very capable hands. Dr. Foley had a wonderful, heart centered approach and I felt safe to talk about more vulnerable topics with her concerning my health. We were able to work together to figure out some digestive issues I have been experiencing for years and also some issues around my hair. I have been seeing her for a few months and I’m eating to help support my digestive balance and overall wellness. I recommend this to every single woman out there to do this for themselves before the symptoms pile up and you feel fatigued and cannot lose the extra weight! This is what preventative medicine and maintenance looks like. Dr. Foley is amazing at what she does and I am so blessed to have met her!! 

Eva, 65  Since starting this program my energy is 80% better, I have lost 5 pounds in a month, my sleep is better and I wake up refreshed. My stress is coming down and my mood is much brighter, and I have been able to start exercising again.

Tina, 43  Dr. Erin is a gem in my life. She gets my body feeling so much better and her program has helped to combat my fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. I have started taking the supplements that Dr. Erin recommends through her Vibrant Healthy Woman hormone program.  All in all, I feel like I am in a much better space physically and mentally.  I feel a difference in my pain level.  I am able to work out 2-4 times a week.  I highly recommend seeing Dr. Erin!

Rose, 60  My body was not in balance and I found the Vibrant Healthy Woman Program with Dr. Erin Foley with the goal of improving my health in a holistic way. In the beginning, we focused on hormonal changes and have progressed to improving myself both physically and mentally. Her recommended food source program changed from high sugar intake to a low carb diet that has reduced my weight and feelings of swelling. I believe the supplements that she identified as most beneficial to my specific health conditions have helped improve my health as well. She has also coached me with monthly sessions that include following up on prior recommendations and targeting additional ones for future improvement. She has helped reduce stress in my life which has always been a challenge for me.

Education is a key piece of this program and Dr. Erin has the ability to do this so that I am able to understand. Each step of the way, she has tailored the program to me. I highly recommend Dr. Erin and her programs to make a difference in anyone’s life!