Katie, 46

Thank you for getting me started on a path that I couldn’t do myself. I appreciate what you put into helping me learn, a whole body approach, and what I was waiting for. I have lost 9 pounds in a month, my energy is 50% better and I don’t have the afternoon energy slump anymore!

Sarah, 37

I tried for months to convince my primary care physician and my gynecologist that my hormones were out of whack and causing my symptoms. Within one week of starting Dr. Foley’s program the symptoms were nearly resolved. I didn’t realize how bad I had been feeling until I felt so good!

Eve, 65

Since starting this program my energy is 80% better, I have lost 5 pounds in a month, my sleep is better and I wake up refreshed. My stress is coming down and my mood is much brighter, and I have been able to start exercising again.

Barb, 59

I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found Dr. Erin. Since we started working together I have lost 60 pounds!!! My energy is great, I can exercise again, and I’m not hungry all the time. THANK YOU!

Jenny, 48

I very much enjoyed working with Dr. Erin Foley over this past year. When I came to Dr. Erin I was in adrenal fatigue and my blood sugar was through the roof. I had many bad habits (some very detrimental to my health) that had to be addressed. It took over a year to address these problems but it was well worth it in the end. I would highly recommend Dr. Erin to any and all women who struggle with their health. It has been a life changing experience this year and I am forever grateful for Dr. Erin's support, knowledge and patience with me. 

Kim, 40

I have really loved using all of the info you shared in your recent program. It made a HUGE difference in my day-to-day life. It gave me exactly the push that I needed to start making some changes, and I've lost almost 30 pounds!!! Today I finally hit a healthy BMI. I'm also sleeping better and have more focus. I can attribute it to your great tips on hormone balancing/nutrition, and fitting more movement into my weeks. So, THANK YOU for being the motivation that I really needed to get me out of my slump! Kim, 40 (Kim has continued to lose weight and is down a total of 50 pounds)

Chris, 49

I found these tests and the guidance I received after were life changing! I had been wondering why I was holding on to weight and not feeling my healthiest. Once I got blood work done and reviewed it I could see exactly why and now have tools and habits I am creating to help me feel better and release weight. My journey has just begun, but I am so excited to be armed with knowledge and a person to guide me on this journey to my healthiest self yet!!!

Jenny, 44

It has been so empowering to work with Dr. Erin. I love that I can correct most of the imbalances I was feeling with food and some supplements. I am definitely finding "me" again! I have the energy to exercise, make healthy goals, and feel good! I am not perfect but I do have tools to get back on track when I do fall off. And I know Dr. Erin is just a call away if I have questions about next steps.

Julie, 54

Working with Dr. Erin provided me with a clear path forward to restoring optimum health. I was doing "guess work" by trying to identify what was happening with my body (hot flashes, feelings of anxiety and frustration) and why my energy was low. Dr. Erin cut through the noise with the tests and the consultations providing me with trusted guidance as to what to expect as my body transitions during this stage of my life, as well as, a reasonable plan that fits in my lifestyle to achieve the results that I wanted.