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“Magic of Menopause” Masterclass Recording!

This is a recording of a joint Call with myself, Dr. Erin Foley and my Guest Expert, Kathy Basel, Transformational Life Coach for Women.

This is not your Mother’s menopause!

Menopause is highly misconstrued in our society, and reliable information on how to navigate this transition is hard to find!
Join us for this refreshing perspective that embraces what “the change” means to the body, mind and soul.

The time of menopause is a transformative stage in your life, not a burden to be endured or a disease to be treated, it’s an opportunity for you to truly flourish and live life on your own terms!

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  • Knowing why it is important to your transition to have balanced hormones, before, during and after
  • How “the change” marks a calling to refocus your creative energies from child rearing and pursuit of success to a deeper, more meaningful and more fulfilling life
  • How to liberate yourself from the inner obstacles to greater vitality, self-love, inspiration, meaning and joy
  • What you can do to improve your hormone balance to have a smooth menopause
  • Experience healthy aging by learning what you can do to balance your hormones naturally
  • Learn how designing your next soulful chapter is the best way to reclaim your vibrancy and live agelessly (not to mention, to set a radically different example for others in your life)

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More About Your Hosts

Dr. Erin Foley

Dr. Erin Foley is a Functional Medicine Practitioner, National Board Certified Health Coach and Chiropractor with Vibrant Healthy Woman Programs.

She helps women balance their hormones naturally, helping with energy, sleep, weight, metabolism, mood, mental clarity, gut, digestion, hormones, hot flashes, PMS, and helping you create vibrant health.

She helps women with hormone testing, nutrition, supplement and coaching programs, and natural solutions for gut health and mental wellness. She works virtually and in person and helps women to make lifestyle changes that can bring lasting and positive change.

She is a an author and speaker, speaking regularly to women’s groups online and in person.

Kathy Basel

Kathy Basel is a transformational life coach, energy healer and creator of The Vitality Code. In her powerful work she guides women to master their energy, release childhood programming and embrace their years at 50 and beyond as their best, most powerful and soulful chapter yet.

Through individual healing sessions + coaching and her dynamic group program “La Femme Salon: 10 Weeks to Find Your Freedom, Fire & Fulfillment” she guides them to align with the new paradigm of divine feminine power to help them achieve a quantum leap toward they life they truly desire – one filled with joy, ease, love, vitality, connection, fulfillment and abundance in every regard in life. Her joy is watching women create beyond what they ever thought to be possible!

Kathy embodies vitality and living agelessly, with an active Colorado lifestyle biking, hiking, camping, skiing and loving on her amazing wonder-dog Kiefer.