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“Healthy Food for Healthy Hormones ”
How Healthy Meals can be Hassle Free and Easy!

With your host Dr. Erin Foley and guest expert, Abby Gardner, owner of Abby Cooks Wild.


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This class is for you if you are a woman who is tired of trying to figure out what to eat every day and make it healthy!

You may be busy and stressed out, and you KNOW that there should be a way to make eating healthy a priority and hassle free, and create a lifestyle that nourishes you.

Whether you are cooking for others or yourself, or even if you don’t cook, join us for this journey into how you can have a healthy way to eat for you and your lifestyle.

Learn how what you eat is either balancing your hormones or unbalancing your hormones, and how you can make you a priority and put yourself on the front burner to have healthy hormones and feel good with your energy, weight, sleep and mood!


Watch the “Healthy Food for Healthy Hormones” Masterclass to Learn:

  • Why eating healthy food is essential to having healthy hormones at ALL ages
  •  How  to make healthy meals that are hassle free and easy, even if you don’t cook!
  • Learn practical tips for more ease in the kitchen, building menus, and healthy snacks
  • What you can do with healthy meals to break the cycle of stress, and stop activating your “stress hormones” which can affect your sleep, energy, mood, weight, mental focus, motivation and productivity.
  • Tips to learn what’s healthy and appealing to you and your lifestyle, to not feel restricted or like you are on an endless diet!

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More About Your Hosts

Dr. Erin Foley

Dr. Erin Foley is a Functional Medicine Practitioner, National Board Certified Health Coach, Chiropractor and founder and CEO of Vibrant Healthy Woman Programs.

She helps women balance their hormones naturally, helping with energy, sleep, weight, metabolism, mood, mental clarity, gut, digestion, hormones, hot flashes, PMS, and helping you create vibrant health.

She helps women with hormone testing, nutrition, supplement and coaching programs, and natural solutions for gut health and mental wellness. She works virtually and in person and helps women to make lifestyle changes that can bring lasting and positive change.

She is a an author and speaker, speaking regularly to women’s groups online and in person.

 Abby Gardner

Abby Gardner is a wife, a mom, a self-taught home cook & owner of Abby Cooks Wild.
She helps time strapped individuals & families find solutions to their dinner dilemmas
through her services which include: fully customized & curated meal prep & delivery
catering for small events/retreats and an online monthly supper club.

Abby worked in sports medicine & orthopedics for over 20 years as a Certified Athletic
Trainer, triaging athletic injuries and helping rehabilitate athletes at all levels of
competition from Pop Warner football to Olympic & professional. She holds a B.S. in
Exercise Science from Arizona State University and a Master’s degree in Health
Services Administration from Regis University.

When she isn’t in her kitchen, you can find her spending time with her family, reading
one of the 10 books piled up on her nightstand or traveling to fun places all over the