Not feeling your best self right now and not sure why? Have you been trying to lose those pesky extra pounds but nothing is working?

Are you ready to finally BALANCE your gut, your weight, your hormones, eating and more so you can be your best self?

Then this Body Mind Reset Program could be the single most important thing you do all year!

It’s time to treat your body with love, care and respect. It’s time to give yourself the gift of the right knowledge and information to transform your body and mind… Now is the time!

My name is Dr. Erin Foley and I am a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and I help women balance their hormones naturally. I also work on your gut, energy, sleep, nutrition and so much more because it all works together to give you that balanced, happy body that you so desire.

They ALL come to me usually hopeless and frustrated and they don’t know where to turn. After working with me, doing simple or sometimes extensive testing, adding nutrition and supplements and more over time… they see huge results.

I have a client who took this program, and in just under 3 months and lost 30 pounds!

I have another client who reported 80% more energy along with more mental focus and lost 17 pounds!

What do you desire? What does your dream body look like? Feel like?

I want to invite you to join me in this 8-week program where we will help you with any or all of this…

The Body Mind Reset Program

A Program to Reset your Hormones and Gut Health

8 Week Group Coaching Experience for Women 

Program Starting September 21st

This is for you if you want comprehensive information and How-To Action Steps on hormones and gut health, to make changes and have support with implementation.

What this program includes:

Each week we will explore a new topic:

This program is 8 weeks once a week on a 60-minute Zoom call. 

There will be a private Facebook group for connection and support. 

The Zoom calls will include a weekly Q&A session, Action Steps to take, and all calls will be recorded for replay. Don’t worry if you can’t make one or more, you won’t miss a thing!

Zoom calls are on 8 consecutive Tuesdays at 5pm mst/ 4pm pst/ 7pm est starting September 21st.

  1. Kickoff – Gut Health and Hormones
  2.  Healthy Nutrition for Women
  3. Break the Cycle of Stress with Lifestyle Hacks and Self-Care
  4. How to have more Energy and Healthy Sleep
  5. Healthy Weight and Metabolism
  6. Women’s Hormones, Supplements for Women
  7. What to Eat, Food Swaps, Stress eating and Cravings
  8. Creating your Best Health, putting it all together

Now, one of the main things that I recommend throughout this program is to use a set of gut health products from Amare Global called Fundamentals. By using these products during the 8 weeks you will be ACTIVELY be resetting your gut health and your mood, mental clarity and motivation.  I take these myself, so does my husband and all my clients. I’ve tested DOZENS of products like these and I’ll tell you they are by far the best out there for total body and gut health.

There are options to do the program and NOT take these products however, but let’s have a conversation about that ok?  I surely don’t want you going against anything your General Practitioner has said for you and if you’re concerned at all with them not being compatible with some prescriptions you’re taking… I’m happy to talk first.You can schedule a call with me here: 

However, I think you will find that these products and this program will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! 

Besides, haven’t you tried everything already? If nothing has been working to help you with the concerns and challenges you’re experiencing then you have to TRUST ME. I know what I’m doing and have been doing it for over 30 years. I have the same issues as you too most likely… that’s why I put this program together. I wanted to get my body and mind back in check and I have. I can help you do this too… we just have to dive in and get started!

Sign up today for just $197*

(Previous investment for this program has been up to $997 but I’m bringing it back and just want to help as many women as possible balance your body once and for all!)

*During the 8 weeks, your additional investment for the Amare Products I’ll be recommending will be around $340 total.

You must buy the products from me to get the Program for $197

Body Mind Reset- with additional Product Purchase

Body Mind Reset- No Products Option

This program and the products can help you overcome gut issues such as digestion or elimination issues, Leaky Gut, food sensitivities/intolerances, low mood, depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, brain fog, and hormone issues such as difficulty managing stress, sleep, energy or weight issues.

A healthy gut brain axis is the foundation, and allows you to improve your gut microbiome and make brain chemicals which help with mood, mental clarity, motivation, sleep, energy, stress and hormones. Serotonin is your “happy” hormone, and 80% is made in your gut, so these products help connect your gut with your brain!

*You must buy the products from me to receive the group for $197. 

Otherwise you may take the program, and NOT buy the products, for $597.

Body Mind Reset- with additional Product Purchase

Body Mind Reset- No Products Option

Have Questions First?

Contact Dr. Erin at:

I’m happy to talk with you, schedule a call with me here:   

Or email me with questions here:


Dr. Foley is wonderful! She is extremely knowledgeable and relatable. She was able to answer all of my questions and provided great ideas on how to balance food, sleep and hormones. I have a much better understanding of the gut-brain axis after this program and by using the Amare products. Thank you so much! – Rebecca, 42

I just finished an 8 week program, Body, Mind Reset with Dr Erin. She has a wealth of information on the subject and has the compassion to help you through every step of the way. If you’re struggling with all phases of menopause she’s your expert. Thank You for all of your time and energy in this program ! It was very much appreciated. – Pam, 64

“Dr. Foley’s program was such a great investment of time and money! I learned so much about hormones, nutrition and gut health and have been able to apply the information to my daily habits. I feel better than I have in a very long time! – Laura, 42

I have really loved using all of the info you shared in your recent program. It made a HUGE difference in my day-to-day life. It gave me exactly the push that I needed to start making some changes, and I’ve lost almost 30 pounds!!! Today I finally hit a healthy BMI. I’m also sleeping better and have more focus. I can attribute it to your great tips on hormone balancing/nutrition, and fitting more movement into my weeks. So, THANK YOU for being the motivation that I really needed to get me out of my slump! – Kim, 40  

Dr. Erin’s program has been so informative and useful to me. The information was presented in an easy way to take in and understand!

Before the class, I felt the issue of weight loss and hormones were a mystery. For 3 years I’ve been dealing with adrenal fatigue and suddenly, after years of being thin and fit, I find myself 20 lbs heavier and not able to lose any of it.

After taking Erin’s class, I now understand the science behind hormones. I’m beginning to feel improvement in critical areas like sleep and digestion. After feeling very frustrated

and alone in this process for 3 years, for the first time, I see a light at the end of the tunnel!  – Susan, 61