Not feeling your best self right now and not sure why?

Have you been trying to lose those pesky extra pounds but nothing is working?

It’s not just about hot flashes!

You have other hormones:

  • Adrenals and cortisol are your stress handling hormones
  • Blood sugar and insulin hormones, which are your fat storing hormones
  • Thyroid hormone is your metabolism hormone
  • Plus, these are your energy hormones!

Hormones are chemical reactions in the body, and, if they are out of balance this can affect your

  • Energy, sleep, mood, weight, metabolism, ability to handle stress, and much more!

That's why women work with me to naturally balance their hormones and health.

Your health is your wealth.
It's how you show up in your life.

Are you tired, exhausted, not sleeping, gaining weight, feeling irritable or low mood, feeling hormonal, having hot flashes or PMS, too tired to have fun? This is no way to go through life!

It makes it hard, to be in your relationships, with family, and friends, when you just want to feel better, and that never comes.....
To do your job, your business, your finances.

I help women with my Vibrant Healthy Woman 1:1 programs where I test your hormones.


Once we know exactly what your hormones are doing, then I can customize a program for you with nutrition, supplements, lifestyle, exercise and mindset.

Just for YOU, and YOUR body.
No more DIY, no more guessing.
This is powerful and important for you to know.

I'm happy to chat with you, to help you feel your best, and I offer a complimentary Health and Hormone Discovery call

What my Vibrant Healthy Woman Program Patients say……..

K.B., 46

Thank you for getting me started on a path that I couldn’t do myself. I appreciate what you put into helping me learn, a whole body approach, and what I was waiting for.  I have lost 9 pounds in a month, my energy is 50% better and I don’t have the afternoon energy slump anymore!

S.E., Nurse, 37

I tried for months to convince my primary care physician and my gynecologist that my hormones were out of whack and causing my symptoms. Within one week of starting Dr. Foley's program the symptoms were nearly resolved. I didn't realize how bad I had been feeling until I felt so good!

A.S, Fitness Instructor, 65

Dr. Erin is amazing. She is very insightful in women’s health issues. Her various modalities have been wonderful and effective in helping me with a multitude of health issues.

E.G., CPA, 65

Since starting this program my energy is 80% better, I have lost 5 pounds in a month, my sleep is better and I wake up refreshed. My stress is coming down and my mood is much brighter, and I have been able to start exercising again.

T.S., Banker, 43

Dr. Erin is a gem in my life. She gets my body feeling so much better after every single treatment.  Her acupuncture treatments help combat my fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. I have started taking the supplements that Dr. Erin recommends through her Vibrant Healthy Woman hormone program.  All in all, I feel like I am in a much better space physically and mentally.  I feel a difference in my pain level.  I am able to work out 2-4 times a week.  I highly recommend seeing Dr. Erin!

R.M., CPA, 60

My body was not in balance and I found the Vibrant Healthy Woman Program with Dr. Erin Foley with the goal of improving my health in a holistic way. In the beginning, we focused on hormonal changes and have progressed to improving myself both physically and mentally. Her recommended food source program changed from high sugar intake to a low carb diet that has reduced my weight and feelings of swelling. I believe the supplements that she identified as most beneficial to my specific health conditions

have helped improve my health as well. She has also coached me with monthly sessions that include following up on prior recommendations and targeting additional ones for future improvement. She has helped reduce stress in my life which has always been a challenge for me.


I am learning to deal with the social and mental aspects of my life as well. For example, when the holiday season was close to starting, I was overwhelmed with thinking about how I could make the program work and stay on top of it. With Dr. Erin’s help, I learned how to behave in a much healthier way during this challenging time. With her guidance, I learned to ignore the pressure of eating food that is not included in the food sources that help me to be healthy. Focus on finding food and drinks that are part of the program and notice that they do exist along with the high sugar, high carb ones that are not healthy for me.


Education is a key piece of this program and Dr. Erin has the ability to do this so that I am able to understand. Each step of the way, she has tailored the program to me.

Dr. Erin’s program has resulted in huge differences in my life. One of the bigger ones is the positive effect on the migraines I have been experiencing for the past few years on a continuous basis. As the program evolves, the number of migraines has decreased drastically. To be able to do this holistically with the Vibrant Healthy Woman Program has been a significant life changing event. I highly recommend Dr. Erin and her programs to make a difference in anyone’s life!

I'm happy to chat with you, to help you feel your best, and I offer a complimentary Health and Hormone Discovery call