Dr. Erin Foley, D.C., CFMP

is a Doctor of Chiropractic, a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (CFMP), and has held a National Certification in Acupuncture (NCCAOM) from 2000 to 2020. She specializes in natural women’s healthcare and helps women with natural hormone balancing, utilizing natural hormones, nutrition, supplements, lifestyle changes and stress management, mindset and exercise in her Vibrant Healthy Woman Programs. She can evaluate her patients with blood and saliva tests to detect hormone imbalances, and she works with many other tests such as gut and allergy testing to uncover the root cause of illness. Dr. Erin wants to help women lead Vibrant and Healthy lives, and to know that hormonal changes over 40 can be helped with many natural methods.

She is also a speaker, a author and coach, and has Online Course offerings for women.

A note from Dr. Erin………….

I thought you might like to know that although I am very well educated and have years of clinical experience helping women feel better, I have been through my own health problems that may even be similar to yours. While now I feel vibrant and healthy it wasn’t always like that. I was vibrant and healthy as a younger woman. I was a tri-athlete, runner, skier, and all around gym rat. I was in great shape and very into nutrition. I started all this in my early 20’s, and this led me to the path of natural health care, and chiropractic and acupuncture as a profession.But along the way life happened! Stress, starting businesses, sports injuries, and yes, hormones going out of balance at an early age in my late 30’s. The biggest problem was that although I was in the natural health care profession I thought hormone problems like menopause started much later. Hormone problems were not on my radar. I was very unprepared!

So began my personal healing journey…….what ensued was a natural healing adventure that gave me my life back. It wasn’t easy or simple but I got my life back with a combination of nutrition, supplements, holistic medicine, proper hormone balance, as well as many other modalities. I utilized my education of over 25 years in the natural health care profession for my own healing, which was a huge advantage for me.

I was able to heal myself with my knowledge and education. But what if you don’t know what I know? That’s how I would love to help you, to get your health back and your life back……..

I talk to too many of my women patients who have given up hope. Hope for a better life, to feel better, look better and live better. The hope to lose the unwanted pounds, to feel sexy and have great sex again, to have great energy, and motivation for life. To feel happiness and joy, yes, every single day! And to be productive and give your gifts to the world!

What are your gifts?
To send beautiful, productive children into the world?
To create a business with amazing benefits to help people?
To volunteer to help others?
To create beauty with your art or music?
Why can’t we have whatever we want to create in our lives?
Don’t let your health hold you back!

As women we need all of your gifts! All the time and every day……my job is to help you feel your best so you can give your gifts to the world! And don’t forget, you are amazing!

Please call the office to schedule an appointment. You can reach me at 303-271-1701