Spring is here!

What does spring make you think of? Longer days? Green grass? Flowers growing? Since I live in Colorado, we don’t have flowers or green grass yet, but it’s coming! Do you think of spring as the time to do spring cleaning, open up the windows, do a deep cleaning with your home? What about your body and health?

This is the time of year when it may feel intuitive to do a spring cleaning of your body. You may see this as “detoxes” and “cleanses” which can be great, but sometimes it’s just not convenient to do an intense cleanse. In my functional medicine and health coaching practice with women, I’m asked this question frequently at this time of year.

So today I want to give you some ideas that can be a GENTLE way of spring cleaning your body, that you can fit into your schedule and life with ease.

Tips for a Spring Reset for your Health and Hormones:

Take inventory and ask some questions- what feels stale, stuffy or stuck from winter? Have you been inside too much? Is it time to change up your routine and make it fresh?

Movement-What are you doing now and what would you like to be doing? Movement can be walking, yoga, Pilates, a gym workout, strength training, hiking, biking, swimming, so many things. This can be a great time to change it up, to start something new! Just remember, our bodies are meant to move.

Do a Sugar Detox- Do you have sugar cravings and feel this would be hard? Here’s the thing, the more sugar you eat, the more you crave it. And sugar is in EVERYTHING processed and packaged. Too much sugar can cause blood sugar swings, weight gain, tiredness and poor sleep, because it impacts your insulin hormone. Read labels for sugar and carbohydrate content, and even better, eat whole foods and learn how many carbs and sugars are in the foods.

Ditch the Alcohol for 30 days- Do you love having a glass of wine?  I did, until a year ago I ditched the alcohol and have better sleep, more energy, have lost a few pounds and just feel better overall. Take inventory here too, why are you drinking, to relieve stress, or because everyone else is doing it? Alcohol does have some health risks, especially for women, and it can impact your hormones. So if you want to do some spring cleaning this is a great place to start!

Ditch the caffeine for 30 days- This can be an experiment to see what the coffee, or tea, or whatever you do with caffeine in it, does to your body. Notice do you sleep better without it? Caffeine can impact your sleep, and for some it can impact sleep greatly. Also notice if you are using it as a pick-me-up if your energy slumps. If you use caffeine to increase your energy, your cortisol hormone levels may be low, so get them checked!

Do a kitchen pantry clean out- what’s in your pantry? This is a great time to get rid of the junk food, the packaged and processed foods with chemicals. If you want to do a detox, you don’t have to do something drastic, just get rid of these kinds of products and add in healthier options, like nuts, veggies, fruit and healthy proteins for snacks.

Eat more produce- Again, you don’t have to do a drastic detox, just increase your veggies, and eat more veggies than fruit. Use fruit for dessert instead of something sugary.

Get your hormones tested- Do you feel like you have done a lot of healthy things but you just aren’t where you want to be?  Do you have fatigue, poor sleep, can’t lose those pesky pounds, feeling sluggish, not sure what to eat for your body or what supplements to take? Getting your hormones tested can help uncover issues with your cortisol (stress hormones), insulin (blood sugar hormones), thyroid and female hormones, and give you a roadmap to move forward with. These hormones will impact your energy, weight, mood, sleep, PMS, hot flashes, perimenopause and menopause.

Choose one, some or all of these to get started, on your own personal Spring Reset!

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