What is the GAP? And I don’t mean the store, the GAP, doing some shopping πŸ™‚ But THE gap, where you are recognizing where you are and where you want to be are two different things.

Do you have intentions and goals for your health, and you are still over HERE, looking over THERE, where you want to be and not getting there? That’s the gap.

So here’s the thing, no matter where you are, there is always plenty of time to get where you want to be! It’s never too late to start.

Health Is a journey and not a destination. You will ALWAYS be engaged with your health, by the habits you do every day, the food you eat, the supplements you take, and your stress and lifestyle. You will ALWAYS be engaged with your health at every decade, as your hormones change through your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Different things will happen in each decade and so you have an ongoing relationship with your health.

It’s not about being BAD or GOOD in your habits, so stop thinking that there is anything wrong with you. You are where you are, NOW.

It’s about taking it one day at a time, knowing how you want to feel, move and look. Sometimes I will see a woman in my functional medicine hormone testing and coaching programs that struggles a bit. She has done the testing, she has a customized nutrition and supplement plan, and yet something is holding her back from doing the nutrition and habit changes.


And this gap is no joke. It has everything to do with your MINDSET around eating and habits. It’s about your thoughts, your eating story from your childhood, previous diet successes and failures and even your self-esteem.

I’m certified in Eating Mindset and Eating Psychology because of the importance of helping women to bridge this gap!

So are you in the GAP? Here’s how you know:

You feel like you KNOW what to do, with food, supplements, lifestyle, self-care, but you can’t do the things the way you would like to. I talk to women all the time who say this when they come to work with me on their health and hormones. They need that extra push, of first knowing what to do, and then having the accountability to do it.

So if you feel like you are in the gap, then I have a some questions you can start asking yourself:

  1. Take inventory of where you are now, this is a great time to journal on this if you want
  2. How is your sleep, energy, mood, weight, digestion?
  3. How is your mental clarity and focus, motivation and productivity?
  4. How are your habits with movement/exercise, do you have a morning or bedtime routine?
  5. What are your habits around food and eating?
  6. Are there some things you want to be doing that you are not?
  7. What’s your stress level like? with work, family, relationships?
  8. Where are you struggling with your habits?

These questions can help you look a bit deeper and hopefully recognize where you want to be better, but also where you are currently doing well.

Don’t forget to acknowledge you for what you ARE doing now!

Then start with baby steps and pick one or two things to start on and keep track from week to week. Believe it or not, small habit changes week to week and can lead up to big changes in as little as 3 months. I see this all the time in my health coaching programs with women. One step at a time adds up!

Isn’t it time to make YOU a PRIORITY?

Do you have questions, or want to know more? Do you need support but don’t know what you need, but you want to feel better and get your health issues handled NOW? No more guessing? Then LET”S CHAT and see what works for you now, here’s my link for a free Healthy Hormone Session and see what is right for YOU!

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