There’s a lot to talk about with supplements right?

What to take, how to take them, why are you taking them, and for so many women just downright confusion about all of these questions.

I have personally been a supplement taker for decades. I feel like they have really contributed to my own healthy aging, and also as a tool to take healing nutrients to target different health and hormone issues that occur at different times, and in different decades of my life.

Here’s the thing, there are general supplements for helping to create optimal health, and then there are targeted supplements for certain health and hormone issues.

So I wanted to help you know a few things about the why and what to take with supplements, and the common mistakes you can avoid making…

What are the most common mistakes women make with supplements? I always review all the supplements my patients and clients take in my hormone testing and health coaching programs. I hear so many comments from, “I don’t know what to take, but I’m taking all these just because I think I should” to “I hate taking pills and supplements”.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes I see:

  • Taking supplements because you googled it, or your friend is taking it, or you saw an infomercial.
  • Taking too many of the wrong ones.
  • Not taking a high enough dose to make a difference (I see this all the time with Vitamin D, women are taking it but their levels are STILL really low).
  • Not taking the right supplements because you haven’t done any testing.
  • QUALITY MATTERS!  You need ingredients that are in the right combination and good quality to be ABSORBED in your gut, otherwise you are paying for expensive urine!
  • Taking the wrong ingredients for the health issue. This is especially true for fatigue and low energy, and a lot of women are taking supplements for their adrenal health, BUT it matters whether your adrenal hormones are HIGH or LOW, and you can’t know this unless you do the right testing.

Why do you need supplements?

  • All processes in your body run on chemical reactions. These chemical reactions require certain nutrients, like B12, Magnesium, for example, to complete their processes inside your cells.
  • We take in toxins from food, air, water, what we wear and where we live.
  • Our soils are nutrient depleted, so food is lacking nutrients.
  • Nutrients in your body can be depleted from the above, plus from illness, injury, and stress.
  • If you have Leaky Gut or other issues with your gut microbiome you may not be absorbing the nutrients in your food, even if you are eating super healthy.
  • You will not heal without restoring these nutrients and getting your chemical reactions in your cells functioning healthy again.
  • Supplements in my hormone testing programs are used as nutrient therapy to restore your health, and then are re-adjusted for maintenance for long term health.

What supplements do you need?

  • This is a very individual to YOU and your body!
  • Testing is the best way to know, this is what I do so let’s chat!
  • In general though, women can benefit from Vitamin D3 with K2, magnesium, fish oil, and B vitamins to start with
  • There are MANY MORE targeted supplements based on what you may need

What can supplements help?

  • Stress and stress hormones, your adrenals and cortisol
  • Low energy and fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Blood sugar swings or pre-diabetes
  • Sleep issues
  • Low mood, anxiety
  • Hot flashes or PMS
  • Leaky gut and digestion
  • Pain and inflammation
  • and so much more…

But what if I hate taking pills and supplements?

  • For some women there is an actual reaction that makes taking supplements unpleasant
  • For others, it can be a desire to not have to take anything, or the belief that they don’t need it
  • In these cases, healthy NUTRITION, dialed in to what YOU NEED, is the bottom line, and doing testing will help you dial this in so you can be confident you are getting everything you need.

Here are the last things I want you to know:

  • There is No Magic Pill!  and there is no one-size-fits-all either!
  • I have SO MANY women tell me the DIFFERENCE the supplements have made in their healing, especially if they are stuck in the “cycle of stress”, where eating healthy can be a challenge. Targeted supplements (to your issues) can help calm your system enough to help you start making healthier choices.
  • I work with 2 great companies that I trust for quality ingredients and the outcomes I see with before and after testing, I only use supplements that get results!

AND if you want more help I have your back!

This is an IDEAL time to talk to me about your health and hormones, so let’s chat in a Free Healthy Hormone Session to find out what may be “sticking” you and keeping you from being where you want to be with your health, body, fitness and your life.

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