I bet you hear about “balance” all the time, right?

  • Life/Work balance
  • Balancing your schedule
  • and my favorite (of course) Balancing your hormones

Balance can be a tricky thing though, and what is balance anyways?

The media paints balance for women as being able to do it all, all the time, and having it all together.

But does that really happen? Should you be able to carve your life up like a pie, and have equal time for everything? Would you want that?

I think we as women need to be a lot KINDER to ourselves around this subject.

Balance isn’t about everything being in perfect order and proportion all the time.

For instance, I moved about a month ago, and my focus was heavy on all the things one does to move.  So I had less time for anything fun (because, packing!), less time for my self-care, and I had to dial back the time in my business.

After I moved, my business got really busy, and now, was I out of balance again, getting things done there?

Now, I’m getting back to my yoga and meditation practice several days a week. Getting out in nature in my new place (with an amazing view of Pike’s Peak in my backyard!). And even though I may not spend much time on these things, they are part of my balance.

I like to think of balance in terms of SEASONS.

Meaning that you may have some times where you are extra busy with family, other times with work or business, and other times with fun and play. The pendulum of life will keep swinging back and forth right?

It all adds up in the end.

So STOP beating yourself up that your life may not be perfectly balanced.

Here’s the thing, though. Not have some balance, or being able to move through your seasons, can cause stress, and be a lifestyle issue.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • Are you overly busy and stressed most of the time? This type of lifestyle can cause you to be in “fight or flight” and activates your stress hormone cortisol. If your cortisol is high or low (yes, out of balance) this can cause weight and belly fat gain, sleep issues, low energy, low mood, stress eating, and make hot flashes and PMS worse.
  • Are you constantly giving and taking care of others before yourself? I know, if you are a mom, or a business owner, or a woman, then that’s what you do right? But NOW is the time to take care of you and put YOU on your list of priorities. Really take this to heart right now, and make sure you add in some SELF-CARE. Even if it’s not an equal part of the pie, some is better than none.
  • Stress in your life, you know the kind, taking care of everyone but yourself, having too much on your plate, and going all the time, it CAN wear you down by depleting your adrenal hormones.

In my Functional Medicine and Health Coaching practice, I work with many women who are stressed out, not sleeping well gaining weight or can’t lose weight, are unmotivated, and are just plain tired. I help them get to the root cause with hormone testing, nutrition programs, supplements and health coaching to help make those changes.

This is part of the “balance”.

Taking care of all parts of your life, in the right proportions at the right time. Taking care of you is a huge part of bringing balance to your life.

Is this your season for balance?

If you need help I have your back.
Where ever you are it’s okay, just start with something, your body hormones will thank you for it!

And here’s a place to start with my Free Guide for you on “5 Steps for Women to Have More Energy”.

If you are tired of guessing this is an IDEAL time to talk to me about your health and hormones, so let’s chat in a Free Healthy Hormone Session to find out what may be “sticking” you and keeping you from being where you want to be with your health, body, fitness and your life.