No matter what time of year it is it’s so important to have tools to handle stress, and NOW is a great time to get a plan together, for you, so you can be healthy, happy and have fun for the holiday season and into the new year, right?!

Here’s the thing, STRESS is something that can really affect and unbalance your hormones!

When you are stressed, you are activating your stress hormones, cortisol from your adrenal glands. These are your “fight or flight” hormones. They are a survival mechanism, and meant to flood your system in an emergency, and then calm down.

BUT, what if you are activating these stress hormones morning, noon and night with your lifestyle? Your kids don’t want to get dressed and go to school, or your work email blows up at 6am with fires to put out, or…. how many other things can you think of that stress you out everyday?

Are you busy and over scheduled?  Being “everything to everyone all the time”? Taking care of everyone else first on you list of things to do?

Where are you on YOUR list?  Are you even ON your list?

I bring this up because it is the stress that can deplete your cortisol stress hormones, and it’s directly related to your lifestyle and the choices you make everyday.

And when your stress hormones are unbalanced these are some of this things you can have happen:

  • Not sleeping well
  • Being tired all day, or energy slumps
  • Grouchy, moody, unmotivated
  • Gaining weight and belly fat
  • Feeling “stuck” with your weight, nothing works to lose it
  • Stress eating and cravings for comfort food
  • Hot flashes get worse
  • PMS gets worse
  • Not being able to handle stress (yes this happens when your stress hormones are low)!!
  • Felling sluggish and bloated
So here are some tips to STRESS LESS not just during the holidays, but all year long!

1. Be aware and take inventory (you may want to get out a journal for this one, and BE HONEST with yourself):
  • What is your lifestyle like? Are you calm or busy?
  • Are you over-scheduled?
  • Do you have boundaries around your time, or no boundaries?
  • Do you say YES to everything (when you want to say NO?)
  • What’s your health, energy, sleep, weight and mood like?
  • Do you make time for self-care for YOU?
2. What would you LIKE to see your life, health, and body look AND feel like?
  • Journal on this one too, get creative, explore your wildest dreams and desires, writing makes if much more real and achievable

3. What’s holding you back from getting to where you want to go?

  • Time?
  • Money?
  • Lack of energy? low mood, lack of motivation?
  • Not knowing where to turn for answers?
These are the roadblocks that keep you STUCK!

BE KIND to you, and stop JUDGING yourself. Start where you are because your awareness is key, what you write in your journal on these subjects can help you get clarity.

Add in some self-care NOW!  Don’t wait, add in a little bit each day or week, something just for you that feeds your soul.

What’s your thing that you love to do? Schedule it in and commit to YOU!

Believe it or not this is the journey to lowering your stress which helps you balance your hormones!!

If you find you are stressed out, over-giving, and feeling some health issues like being tired, irritable, not sleeping, gaining weight, low mood, and digestive issues then be aware of what’s going on in your life. 

What’s the root cause? Is it your lifestyle, or are your hormones out of balance?

If you need some support, I have your back. Another way to care for you is recognizing when you can’t do it all by yourself.

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