I talked with a lovely woman this week, and her comment was that she was “frustrated with the medical system”.


Have you ever been? I know I have, with my own health and hormones issues, and that is the REASON that I became certified in Functional Medicine!

Navigating our health care system can come with some challenges, and it breaks my heart when women give up on themselves and their health  because of it.

  • Have you gone to your doctor and come away disappointed, that maybe you were told you were too young for certain tests, or too old, or didn’t get the right evaluation, or felt like no one is listening?
  • Or you went in and you didn’t know what to ask for, or what you needed? Even though you knew you needed something?
  • Or you came away from testing with your doctor not being told anything? And yet your tests may show pre-diabetes or inflammation or low thyroid?
  • Or are you trying to DIY it, the Do It Yourself syndrome?!

The whole reason I became a Functional Medicine Practitioner was because of my own hormone issues in my early 40’s, including being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, adrenal fatigue and fibroids. I had terrible sleep, no energy, messed up periods from the fibroids, and just plain felt bad.

It affected my business, my finances, my relationships, my marriage, my self-esteem.

My regular gynecologist didn’t have much to say, so I went in search of more natural treatment and Functional Medicine doctors.

I took the long way around, because back then this information on women’s health was not easy to find!

So I started my own journey, not only with my health, but with being trained and certified to do the same for other women.

I was able to heal my hormones with the right professional help, the right nutrition and supplements, the right lifestyle changes (which included a divorce), the right movement for my body, and the right mindset.

Here’s the thing, your mood, sleep, weight, energy, metabolism, all determine how you “show up” in your life, with your relationships, family, job, career, for others and yourself.

And your mood, sleep, weight, energy, metabolism are all influenced by your hormones!  It’s not just about hot flashes and PMS, your other hormones affect you whether you are 30 or 70!

What other hormones?

  • Adrenal and cortisol, your stress hormones
  • Blood sugar hormones and insulin, your fat storing hormone
  • Thyroid hormones, your metabolism hormones

So if you are feeling like you are “falling through the cracks” then I have some ideas for you:

  • I have a series of 11 free Masterclasses all on my website, that you can register for instant access to women’s health and hormone topics! Go to my Website Here and click on the “Classes” at the top to see the drop down list of all 11 free classes.
  • I have a free Healthy Hormone Call  for you.  It’s a no obligation way to connect with me, on what’s going on with you, and what ideas and solutions I may have for you
  • Vibrant Healthy Woman Wellness Club is my monthly membership club for an affordable cost to get health and hormone information, laser coaching and have Q & A time, all with me in a private online zoom group.

So you don’t have to fall through the cracks!! 

If you are having issues with low or no energy, weight gain or sluggish metabolism, sleep is not great, lot’s of stress, don’t feel like yourself, low mood or anxiety, gut and digestion is off, hot flashes and PMS YOU DON’T HAVE TO SUFFER or DIY IT!

Take advantage of any or all of my free stuff, and low cost offerings!

And if you need a deeper dive this is what hormone testing is all about, finding solutions for you with nutrition, supplements, lifestyle, and habit change, then Let’s Chat in a Free Call!