Do you ever struggle with your ENERGY?

Energy is one of those things, when you have good energy throughout the day you may not think about it.

But when you don’t have it, it may be ALL you think about.

The lack of it, the tiredness, needing a “pick me up”.

This as a challenge for women in my hormone testing and coaching programs. It’s actually one of the biggest reasons women want to talk with me!

ENERGY, what is it?

It’s these things:

  • Waking up refreshed from sleep
  • Feeling good energy throughout the day, not just part of the day.
  • No “slumps” in the morning or afternoon that send you running for the coffee and candy!
  • Having good mental FOCUS and CLARITY.
  • Having MOTIVATION, especially to make healthy choices with food, habits and self-care.

Did you know your ENERGY comes from your HORMONES??

The first hormone you need to know about here are your “stress hormones” from your adrenal glands, and it’s called CORTISOL.

These are your “fight or flight” hormones, and they are activated during high stress, and are meant to be for your survival.

But, what if you get too busy, have too much to do, have kids, a business or job, family, maybe you are caregiving for someone, and LIFE HAPPENS?

This is when you may be “activating” your stress hormones and cortisol


If this happens, you will be flooding your system with these hormones that can cause:

  • Low energy and fatigue, which show up as being tired all the time, or “slumps” in the morning or afternoon
  • Sleep issues, not getting enough or good quality sleep, waking up a lot, not going to sleep easily, or waking up unrefreshed
  • Weight gain and belly fat gain. Did you body weight suddenly, or over time redistribute itself? Are you now shaped like an apple, or have that spare tire around your middle?

The second hormone that can affect your energy is your insulin hormone.

This comes from what you eat, as the insulin hormone works to balance your blood sugar. If you eat too many carbs and sugars, and not enough PROTEIN for YOUR body and metabolism, this can cause the same low energy, sleep and weight issues I mentioned above.

Tips to Have More ENERGY:

1. Questions to ask

  • When are you tired? All day? morning or afternoon?
  • Do you wake up tired and unrefreshed?
  • Do you require a “pick me up” with caffeine or sugar?
  • Do you comfort or stress eat, or eat when you aren’t hungry?
  • Are you hungry after meals?
  • What is your stress level like?
  • Awareness is key to know where you are, so you can try tracking your food, beverages, your sleep and your energy and see what you learn

Here are some ideas for you:

  • If you notice you are tired after meals, then you want to lower your carbs and sugars
  • Up your protein and healthy fats
  • Eat whole foods, ditch the package and processed food
  • If you have a slump after eating, go back and look at what you ate. Using a tracker can show you, were you carbohydrate heavy, and light on protein? (this is very common!)
  • Be honest with yourself about your stress! What can you change or let go of? What boundaries can you have? Add in self-care!
  • Get your hormones checked, so you know what’s going on and what to do!
 The bottom line is that you need to first know where the low energy is coming from. And it can be coming from both sets of hormones, cortisol and blood sugar that are out of balance.

If you need some support, I have your back, and I can help you STOP guessing and doing it yourself.

That’s what I’m here for, so let’s chat in a FREE CALL!

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