Are you an “over-giver”?

Do you ever think of yourself this way?

Over-givers will give and give, and may receive little in return. As women we are really good at this, right?

I see so many women in my hormone testing and coaching programs who are over-givers, and it can lead to burnout, exhaustion, and health issues. It can be easy to let yourself be last on your list, when there is always so much to do on that list.

Over-giving can cause high stress in your life, and you can become stressed because you over-give.

And when you are stressed this can mess up your hormones.

Here’s how that looks:

  • Stress in your life activates your stress hormones (cortisol and adrenal hormones).
  • The more you activate these hormones, like daily or weekly, these hormones can go high and then low, and become depleted.
  • It’s like being in “fight or flight” all the time.
  • When cortisol is high, you can have problems sleeping, gain weight and belly fat, be tired and irritable. You can feel “tired but wired”.
  • When cortisol is low this is what we call adrenal fatigue, and you are tired (all the time), may not sleep well, gain weight, can have low mood, hot flashes, stress cravings…

Do you see the pattern here? Over-giving is just another form of stress.

So what can you do?

Self-care, of course! This is going to be putting YOU on your list, and making YOU a PRIORITY.

Balanced hormones help you feel balanced and calm!

Here are some ideas:

  • Be AWARE of your stress level, where does it come from?
  • Make your self-care list
  • What do you love to do, what lights you up?
  • What NOURISHES you?
  • What can you do in 5 minutes for self care?
  • What can you do in 30 minutes, or 2 hours?
  • Put the time in your calendar
  • And just DO IT!
  • Whether you go to a yoga class, or find a quiet place to read, you do what nourishes you and learn to RECEIVE
  • Don’t forget BOUNDARIES, and that saying NO is self-care too

If you find you are stressed out, over-giving, and feeling some health issues like being tired, irritable, not sleeping, gaining weight, low mood, and digestive issues then be aware of what’s going on in your life. 

What’s the root cause? Is it your lifestyle, or are your hormones out of balance?

If you need some support, I have your back. Another way to care for you is recognizing when you can’t do it all by yourself.

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